▲​019▲RUE ANALOGIQUE, 11 – Red Signal e.p.

01 Infinite Vision (part 1)
02 Infinite Vision (part 2)
03 Red Signal scares me
04 Infinite Vision (part 1 – Tlefou found remix)
05 Red Signal scares me (Digi G’Alessio remix)

Artwork: Jonathan Calugi

Red Signal is a lighthouse in the night, a mermaid who charms lonely sailors, a flow of lava in the deep sea.

- Infinite Vision (part 1):

A dew of guitar chords lie on synthetic promontories,

streams of wet air open a road between the creeks burnt:

a gunmetal storm will quench the thirsty desert

- Infinite Vision (part 2):

Precipitations drown in a sinister ocean property into the darkness,

water with water, exhaling the last breath:

Sacrifice to be reborn without guilt?

- Red Signal scares me:

A red river, glowing, pulsing between the sidereal depths,

columns of radioactive energy whirling as dervishes whirl in defense of their pagan god:

Is Hell is truly at the center of the earth?

- Infinite Vision (Part 1 – Tlefou found remix):

Emerge in slow motion from the womb of the world in the presence of the severe stars,

the first breath of life of a consciousness innocent

in a clear night, the constellations will shed tears of joy

- Red Signal scares me (Digi G’Alessio remix):

Beginnings of a civilization post-urban,

archeology of religions between skyscrapers and rubble,

babel of sounds in a wild dance:

is a new beginning or a new order

all tracks are composed and realized by “Rue Analogique, 11″

track 5 by tlefou

track 6 by digi g’alessio

recording, editing and mixing by “Rue Analogique, 11″

mastering by auralab studio (Daniele Principato, tolè, ITALY)

thanks to:

Digi G’Alessio

RUE ANALOGIQUE, 11 – Red Signal e.p. – teaser

design: Jonathan Calugi
animation: Simone Brillarelli

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