▲016▲ Godblesscomputers – Swanism

01 Natürlich

02 Jugnor

03 Coconuts

04 Lazy conversation

05 My heart is offbeat

06 Once Again (Max Producer remix)

07 Metal Bajji (Figub Brazlevič remix)

08 Topless Bar (Johnny Boy remix)

09 Metal Bajji (Mouch ‘cloudwalk’ remix)

Artwork: Happy Lovers Town

Godblesscomputers is Lorenzo Nada, an Italian DJ/producer based in Berlin.

This work is the natural result of his latest “The Last Swan” where sighs, organic beats and dreamlike meet creating an unusual “deep soul music”.

Tracks are focuses on dub, abstract hip hop and early break and beats experiments.

The last 4 tracks are reinterpretations of his previous work carried out by special guests including: Berliner Figub Brazlevič, Johnny Boy from the prolific Overknights team, the talented writer and producer Mouch and the brilliant Max Producer (Occhi di Astronauti / Groovenauti).

Get carried away by the gentle and kind touch of Mr. Godblesscomputers and his Swanism, sit down and relax!

video teaser

design: Jonathan Calugi

animation: Simone Brillarelli

Godblesscomputers – Lazy conversation – Video

video editing: Christian batz

Godblesscomputers – Natürlich – Video

video editing: Christian batz

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